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Dr. Irfan Galaria developed Shenandoah Medical Consultants because of the frustrations he has had running his own medical practice. He realized that his billing practices needed to evolve in order to maintain his success and independence. He designed SMC to meet the challenges of the new health care landscape.

Dr. Galaria is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He completed both a 6-year accelerated B.S./M.D program and a MBA in Health Care Administration. He is consistently rated as one of Northern Virginia’s Top Plastic Surgeons by both the Washingtonian and Northern Virginia Magazines.


Shenandoah Medical Consultants represents one of the most advanced billing systems established: a personalized, efficient and cost-effectiveprocess


Physican owned and designed


Design a customized plan for your practice to process and collect payment

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Parameters Industry Benchmark SMC Performance
Previsit Patient Notifications of Expenses No Yes
Previsit Preauthorizations No Yes
Previsit Referral Review No Yes
Claims Submitted Within <72 Hrs <48 Hrs
Billing Accuracy 95% 98%
Initial Insurance Denial 8% 2%
Resubmission of Insurance Denials <72 Hrs <48 Hrs
Denials Receivables 17 Days 80% within 30 Days
Net Collection Ratio (Insurance) 96% 100%
Bad Debt 3% <1%
Days in A/R 45 Days 17 Days

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